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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My first and second Printing Plates

I have heard about printing plates for a few years and even seen them on the internet and a couple at a hockey card shop but I had never touched one or owned one. I know have 3, these were my first two.
The value of them is not amazing but it has the cool factor that these were used in the printing of the cards I am collecting. I hope to get a actual printed card that these plates produced at some point.
Its an added bonus that both are autographed which is a cool touch.

Im hoping he can get a shot and stay
 in the NHL, he has appeared in 3 games
so  far as of today.

Cory has spent a couple years in the
NHL already getting experience on a
few different teams.
Tampa Bay Lightning
Ottawa Senators
Buffalo Sabres
New York Islanders

I like that both players were with Canadian teams at least at the time of printing the cards, Conacher now plays with the Islanders.

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