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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It was worth the wait

I finally got one!!!
 Upperdeck has had “Art Work” cards for years; even in the early 90’s they had these beautiful cards I have always been drawn to them. I already feel that the cards are pieces of art work with the photographs and the borders/logos/fonts/foil etc. but when it is an actual illustration there is even more to appreciate.

 I do have the early 90’s “art work” cards as they are part of the regular base set.

Gretzky 1500 point art card from the early 90’s. Such a nice card, 
funny how 1500pts seemed like a lot (it is but not for #99). 
He retired with 2857 points. He also had well over 1500pts 
at the printing of this card. 

This “new” card means a little bit more to me; I have not pulled any art cards from Upperdeck series one or two in the past 4 years. I see them on EBay, I see them listed in Beckett magazine but I have never had my hands on one.
I finally got one and it is a beauty.

With Bobby Clarke, Bobby Orr and Guy Lafleur 3 great players in their time that still have a strong following in the hockey and collectible world today.

So it may have taken a few years, but it was worth the wait.

Monday, 1 December 2014

What is worth adding to a PC...

For me it has never been just the “value” of a card. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to me keeping one for my PC (personal collection). 

First thing is the picture, is it a great action shot, is it outdoors with snow falling, is it something new, is it someone I really like? Of course the overall look of the card could be a factor and now we have autos/relics etc to add to the attractiveness of the card. Favourite team, rookies, misprints, specific action shots like goalies drinking from their water bottles, players with their skates off, perhaps the athlete playing another sport.

This card has it all, a cool action shot, outdoors (probably in the skydome)
Just a great looking card. Lindros was still a newcomer to the NHL and how badass is it that he is in a blue jays uniform taking batting practice. This is a great card with a great picture and will always be a part of my PC.

Now why do I have this card in the screw down case? Especially considering the case is worth as much as the card??? Well it has been in that case for over 20 years and big E, you have earned it.

I wouldn't have been surprised if he had been drafted
by a baseball team. Big E was a great athlete.