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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It was worth the wait

I finally got one!!!
 Upperdeck has had “Art Work” cards for years; even in the early 90’s they had these beautiful cards I have always been drawn to them. I already feel that the cards are pieces of art work with the photographs and the borders/logos/fonts/foil etc. but when it is an actual illustration there is even more to appreciate.

 I do have the early 90’s “art work” cards as they are part of the regular base set.

Gretzky 1500 point art card from the early 90’s. Such a nice card, 
funny how 1500pts seemed like a lot (it is but not for #99). 
He retired with 2857 points. He also had well over 1500pts 
at the printing of this card. 

This “new” card means a little bit more to me; I have not pulled any art cards from Upperdeck series one or two in the past 4 years. I see them on EBay, I see them listed in Beckett magazine but I have never had my hands on one.
I finally got one and it is a beauty.

With Bobby Clarke, Bobby Orr and Guy Lafleur 3 great players in their time that still have a strong following in the hockey and collectible world today.

So it may have taken a few years, but it was worth the wait.

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